Policy objectives for fish in the Wadden Sea are formulated at the European, trilateral, national and regional levels. The aim of the SWIMWAY vision action programme is to:


  • Make an inventory of existing policies and regulations relevant to the Trilateral Fish Targets at the European, trilateral, national and regional levels    
  • Analyse their contribution to the realisation of the Trilateral Fish Targets

Following the analysis, the next steps can be identified.


Starting with the European level, the trilateral Working Group Swimway (WG-Swimway, now: Expert Group, EG-Swimway) has examined existing guidelines and regulations with a direct link to the trilateral fish targets at this level.

For more information see publication WG-Swimway (2021) Trilateral Fish Targets and European Policies - Policy Statement




In addition, a draft inventory of national and international regulations linked to trilateral fish targets was compiled in 2021.

Draft policy inventory - regulations for the trilateral fish targets as outlined in the Wadden Sea Plan 2010. From top (blue) to bottom (green) 1) Viable stocks of populations and a natural reproduction of typical Wadden Sea fish species; 2) Occurrence and abundance of fish species according to the natural dynamics in (a)biotic conditions; 3) Favourable living conditions for endangered fish species; 4) Maintenance of the diversity of natural habitats to provide substratum for spawning and nursery functions for juvenile fish; 5) Maintaining and restoring the possibilities for the passage of migrating fish between the Wadden Sea and inland waters. (Perrin/CWSS 2021)

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